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I’d Like to introduce you to a bunch of murderous Swedes.

My motive in doing so is all good. How’s that you ask?  Its simple- I love these dudes (and one dudette.)  And for the record, I want you and everyone to know that they have no idea of what’s being written here.  They didn’t ask for this; send me any hints – or hired someone to plead their case. Nothing so untoward like that happened.  This is strictly on me.  I enjoy their company so much that I wanted to share them with my world.

Who are they?  Just some of the best mystery, thriller, suspense novelists working today.  Their “whodunits” bring to life some of the most murderous plots of mayhem, malevolence, and mischief you’ll read anywhere.

That’s why I’m naming names.

Henning Mankell.  I met him first.  I was hooked – line and sinker; and it was back to my local book joint scouring the shelves for more.  Over the past few years, I have delved into his dark world nearly a dozen times.  I have yet to be disappointed.  My current “to read” list of his books is almost as long.

Stieg Larsson.  All the hype made me invite him home for coffee; my second encounter with a Swede.  He exceeded my expectations. He left us way too soon.  His sensational 3-volume works earned him critical acclaim.  His main character in the series will leave you raising the rafters with her praise.

Camilla Lackberg.  We ran into each other a couple of months ago.  So we are just beginning to hang out together.  Already I like her style: smooth as silk, incisive, letting you get to know some of her villainous buddies in an easy mellow manner.  Don’t get me wrong, girlfriend is working the case as hard and relentless as a Scandinavian winter.  You should settle back and have some tea with her sometimes.  She’s great company.

The there are these two guys: Roslund & Hellstrom.  I ran across them online and was lucky enough to find the very story that got them on this list a few days later. My, oh, my – what a barnburner of a suspense thriller.  Might have to drag myself to the big box store to find more stories about the “good, bad, and ugly” things this dynamic duo wrote about.  No, wait – I can order it online.  Whew.  For a minute there, I thought I might have to do something irrational.

Lastly, say hello to Jo Nesbo. I know him because of Henning and Stieg.  Although he’s Norwegian, I have to include him in this tell-all.  Maybe he could be thought of as an honorary Swede for the purpose of this blog post. I have a feeling that I am probably insulting him. (My bad, Mr. Nesbo.) Any old how, you need to get to know this gentleman.  Terrific storyteller – regardless of his place of birth.

Ok, I have done my duty as I saw it.  You can Google, DuckDuckGo, or Bing ’em and get a ton of bio stuff and a list of their books along with a link to their websites.  Once you do, start with the first book you can get your hands on, settle back, open the cover and start on a journey full of mystery, suspense, thrills and chills.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  These people are murderous.





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