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The Good Life

What does it mean the “Tree of Life?”  Is that the same as the “Circle of Life?”  Or do we all think Life is what it is?  Then again, Life couldn’t be sweeter for some – Oh! and don’t forget the people who think Life is set and done.

Let’s not forget those who go through Life on a “wing and a prayer” – and those filled with dispair.  And many a soul live their Life in total disrepair, so there! Though many hearts beat to Life’s urge to dare; dreams of the dream of Life’s beauty rare

Can’t say anyone understands Life totally for the good – being that Life many times breaks you bad.  imagine if you will Life’s lessons you have had.  Would you trade another Life for another Life happy or sad? Be honest with your brain now, because Life CAN make one glad

Here we are, going round and round about Life.  How it’s the best thing going though full of strife – this Life. But please don’t be misled by the words I have said. Life has been bouncing me around; playing with my head.  But then, that’s Life and the reason to live it is better than being dead