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Earth Day 2015 Update & Correction on Palm Oil

Yesterday, on the Huffington Post website, a scientist named Elliot Negrin, a Senior Writer for the Union of Concerned Scientist posted an article entitled, “McDonald’s pledges to eliminate Deforestation from its entire supply chain.”

He mentioned Indonesia.  I noted Indonesia/Malaysia. His was the correct country.  My apologies to Malaysia.

Mr. Negrin noted the damage from Deforestation to produce Palm Oil.  You can access the article on either the Huffington Post or the Union of Concerned Scientist websites.

One final thing:  I had called for contacting and encouraging scientists to speak out about this issue; the Union of Concerned Scientist have been in the forefront of the struggle for 40 years.  Little did I know.


Palm Oil purveyors have us in the palm of their hands. And they are taking our breath away. Literally.

Its Earth Day 2015 (in a couple of days) and many countries around the world are following the lead of Indonesia/Malaysia:  cutting and burning their old growth and rain forests to feed the “beast of profits” gained from the production of Palm Oil.  This in turn is lining the pockets of multi-national corporations using this extract in every imaginable product you can imagine.

And Mother Earth is beginning to gasp for breath. Clutching at her lungs. Wheezing something awful.

Plant species are disappearing in the process. And along with them, potential medical breakthroughs that could hold the key to curing many of the world’s most dug-in “superbugs.”  God help us when (scientist say it’s not a question of “if”) the next pandemic sweeps on to the world’s stage and these new killers will have nothing to stop their death march.  Money won’t save the millions that might die.

All that Palm Oil won’t sooth a soul.

Don’t get me started on the animal habitats being lost and in turn pushing some species to the brink of extinction due to the greed for the almighty dollar; or whatever the local currency is.  And what about the human animals that ekes out their livelihoods from those forests, rivers and streams forever devastated.

Do we have to have Palm Oil processed into everything we eat, drink, wear – use?  Is there no alternative?  Can the industry be better managed?  Can countries that are just now coming on line be persuaded to use other land tracts for Palm Oil farms other that the forests that literally breaths life in to the lungs of every living creature on the planet?

Who cares?

A ton of organizations, that’s a fact.  But so far, it seems, that they have hardly made a dent – no, barely a ding, in the on-going onslaught of our most precious earthly resources.  What are we to do?

Some way, somehow, ordinary citizens have to become more aggressive in confronting this issue.  Big businesses have to lose business to make them pay attention; to develop better control of the rampant destruction of our planet’s lungs.  There is no transplant scenario on the horizon; or at least none that I know being touted as our savior.  If the rain forest and old growth forest go down and out, eventually, humanity goes down – and out.

May I respectfully ask that you take to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and your other favorite social media platform and make sure those in your network know the facts; why it’s a life and death struggle and they need to make their voices heard.  Demand that scientists sound the alarm!

I don’t know what else to tell you.

I’m just an ordinary guy, but this is what I think the future holds without you and me taking a stand:  Earth Day 2016, 2017, 2018 – and on and on will have no meaning because Earth Day will be breathing its last days on earth.




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