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Cast your fate to the wind

A song* was named with these words. Though it was produced as an instrumental as well, it spoke to a great many hearts and minds.

So I wondered:

How does one do this?  On a whim; on that wing and a prayer?  When does one’s heart tell you to go there, to somewhere – over the rainbow, maybe? Or down in the valley so low; you just have to go, you can’t say no.  I want to know, how is it so?

Why gather your soul and wade in the water not knowing how cold and deep; or if it’s boiling with heat – me I couldn’t make that leap. I guess you can chalk it up to cold feet.

Can I get a witness to such a fearful feat?

Tell me true, now, for I am the town-crier vowed to spread the word.  Present you story clearly, freely, so that it may be heard.  Touch me with your passion; take me soaring with your reason – give to us, friend, some memory for a long season.

Judge you not, I promise you that.  But others may not feel as I do; such actions that you took. To them it might be hard to defend; because not everyone has it in them, to cast their fate to the wind.

*Cristo Redento” by Vince Guaraldi’s Trio owns all rights to this song. The title to this piece is in no way intended to disparage or use those words for gain or exploitation. This expression is public domain and as such available for use.

All other aspects of this post are Copyrighted (c) by Roads, Paths, & Trails, 2015. All rights reserved.