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Judgement’s Way

You thought without thinking, you really meant no harm – mouthing some words that seem to have charm. Never, no never did time and distance offer a different yarn; your mind just reacted with the familiar – damn, oh, darn.

Try as you may, there does not seem a way to save the day. Though, not a day rolls away that I haven’t prone to pray, that perhaps today is when the bleak, dreary clouds fall away; it’s all I can do, it’s all I can say.

Somewhere in our world, a greeting is not the same for you and I; it might mean goodbye, come again, or just plain, “hi.” How does one know what is right and wrong to a different eye. this is why they say, “look before you leap” without thinking why.

A grave harm is done when you poke at a dream; not knowing what it means – no heartless song were you trying to sing. It was just a time old “saying” of softly noting a cautious thing. Still, life’s long way of growing should have halted the sting.

One can wail and wail to be atoned; beat on stone, pound one’s heart with an god-awful groan; torment, ferment, repent if your mind found the right song. It’s really true as they say, “sticks and stones will break a bone,” but I am here to say – being unforgiving is a hurt to bemoan.

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