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The first advertising agency in France was named, “Bison, Bull, Deer & Rhino Ltd., Inc.”

They set up shop between 20,000 and 35,000 years ago.  Some pretty awesome Art Directors worked there. The office was located in the Lascaux Cave Complex in Southern France; prime real estate at the time. Obviously, the Creative Director felt pictures were worth more than a thousand words; the Copywriter couldn’t get a word in edge-wise.

I can see the wheels turning; wait a second, what’s this?  Who, what’s going on here?  Good!  I have your attention; it took seconds, now I’ve got to tell you something and quickly.  It better be good; an idea, offer help, a deal, something worth your time.  I need to do it in a way that gets you to spend a little more time paying attention to what I have to say.

You are now a consumer.  A “target market” – a viewer, listener, or reader.  You are worth your weight in gold: to me, to Ford, Aflac, Volvo, Samsung, Armani, Trane, Nike, the National Tourism Board of the Bahamas; with thousands of people, places and things tugging, screaming, cajoling; bombarding you with hundreds of messages a day; buy this, use that, I’m the best; get up and go somewhere.

In the case of BBDR, they were selling a food supply; breakfast, lunch and dinner on the hoof.  Good eating if you could catch it.  True, there were no words to describe the menu, but good old “Ne, Ander, and Thal” captured everything in glorious pictures. Made their Clan member’s mouth water just looking at them. A good ad agency can create demand for a product or service, and you have to admit, BBDR ranks up there with the best.  After all, their campaign has stood the test of time.  What put them out of business were the people who moved in next door and cornered the market.  Since then, advertising agencies have sprung up everywhere because companies want to sell something, institutions want to say something; you and I want each other to do something.  They have become increasing ingenious in doing their job since our attention span has become jaded, jarred, and jangled from too much of a good thing.

Gotta run, you have things to do.  But consider this a “heads up;” in the future expect opinionated opinions about a business I love dearly; an industry that sometimes “takes a licking, but keeps on ticking.”  (Can you name the company behind this famous slogan?)  While I’m holed up in my office being creative, I want you to check out “Bison, Bull, Deer & Rhino, Ltd. Inc.,” creator of one of the greatest ad campaign of all time.  I think you’ll like what they were selling.  For a time, they had the market covered; wall-to-wall.  Then the competition showed up and introduced a new way of thinking – of doing business.  Their name and tag line said it all: “Modern Man Communications, Inc., The future is our business.

Business was so good they opened offices around the world.  The rest of the story is history.

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