I’m a sale guru,  promotions maven, and an award-winning ad agency copywriter. I read a lot, I mean a lot – sometimes as many as 150 books a year. An avid fan of mystery, suspense, thriller, adventure, and spy novels.  Toss in some Sci-Fi, historical, and political stuff – and I’m an open book.  Life has meshed me into some important places; introduced me to some incredible people ( rich and famous, ordinary and extraordinary),  thus the name of my blog.  Which by the way, happened on a lark (thanks, Michelle W.)  My long-reads will be true stories; cross my heart and hope to die (well, not the dying part.)  I began writing poetry as a teen as a way to explore my soul. I hope my current attempts show that I have found parts of it.  I do hope you stop by every now and then to see how I am faring.  Thanks.


6 thoughts on “About

    1. Ad Dawg Post author

      OldenGray, just saw this post. I am truly overwhelmed at this gesture…OMG! Thank you. I hope I can do your confidence in me justice. I will check it out. Thanks so much.

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      1. OldenGray

        My pleasure Ad Dawg. A wonderful author out of the United Kingdom, Millie Thom, was kind enough to include me and I felt you would do a bang up job on your side. This is all new to me so you are in the same boat as me. Thanks for getting back to me Ad Dawg. I look forward to your presentation!


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