Terrorism and the terror of terror

San Bernardino, California and the act of terrorism that shocked that city to its core, shocked me awake in a deeply personal way. I am totally pissed off!  My PERSONAL boots on the ground in the Middle East, pissed off! American military boots on the ground, pissed off!

However, greater minds than mine tell us that this is what extreme Jihadist want: a holy war that can be twisted and characterized as a clash of cultures – of civilizations. The “West,” (whatever that actually means) representing a 21st Century vision that has mankind headed toward a future that binds us together and promises to achieve untold greatness and advances in science, medicine, engineering and more; against an 8th Century mindset that seeks to potentially subjugate one-third of humanity to a non-future soaked in the blood of an ideology that threatens to cause World War III – Armageddon.

I will take my chances with an outlook that saves the world from the negative effects of climate change, and then sets our species on the journey toward a golden age of discovery and accomplishments into the 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th Centuries and beyond: “Space – the final frontier.”

For those wedded to a “past” as a future – who am I to tell them that their vision of “life most wonderful” is wrong. But, to spill my blood because of their belief(s) is not a sacrifice I am willing to make.Furthermore, I will not for any reasons offer my values up for dismissal and devalued for the sake of some other culture’s narrow viewpoint and way of life. San Bernardino, California has surely prompted this vow and moved it to the forfront in the minds of many Americans.

Innocent people are dead before lives lived. Babies left without a parent. Families deprived of a mother or father, sister, brother; a life-long friend – the love of their life. Terror spread among the populace for illegitimate reasons. Terror launched against a city based on a religious viewpoint literally foreign to the vast majority of Americans.

This will backfire on those who seek to terrorize us for terror’s sake. Mark my words.


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