The naming of Henry Morgan Benson Prescott Brown

“Joy to the world,” shouted his Dad that day- Mom turned on her belly knowing he was perfect in every way. There had been much talk about boy names; who and why, and it was enough to drive her family to hot debate – a lot was at stake.  A girl was a gift highly prized should it be a “she,” the baby’s mother had been told. But Grandpa Benson consulted his potentate of pompous righteousness, and muttered any such idea unthinkable and declared it would be a boy, he said so bold.

The Morgans on Mom’s side of the fence; not to be outdone – stuck out a dozen stiff upper lips and proclaimed that a mother’s clan-honor had to be upheld or bitter years were ahead; no small boast this when it was said. The back and forth flew whimsical, wild and worrisome; regal and raunchy – melancholy and mischievous; discussed over dinners, at brunches by cousins, nephews, aunts, uncles and nieces; by god! – the whole of both families said their pieces.

Paw Man – the purebred Terrier; and Jellybean the fat cat – or Queen of Orange as she was sometime called; both get their licks in to get a taste of him. But neither had a say in what to call this new pack-thing kicking, squalling and squirming; taking up their space on the lap of the mommy tummy.  And since there was no big brother , little sister or vice versa to provide cover for a baby brother; something had to give – and soon, because the Morgans and the Bensons were totally consumed with their first grandchild and heart rates were soaring past the moon.

His father – steadfast figured his son would be a junior; that’s all there was to it.  But once his Browns and Prescotts heard the Morgans and Bensons claiming bits of their grandson, too; well peace over pride would have to win the day. It wouldn’t be all bad: his boy would inherit banks of Benson money; chunks of Morgan real estate – lots of Prescott pride; but most importantly, that incredible Brown brilliance from his dad that brought it all together.

After all, what’s in a name when fame and fortune was the name of the game.

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