Flower Dreams

I’m new to Blue Roses; they offer love and prosperity in large dosages, through it was always the Red that held my thoughts of intimate poses. The fragrance of both have bloomed in my nostrils in rushes; traveling upon my sensing highways in gushes.

Bloom daffodils bloom; make me swoon for your colors in the spring, spreading your friendship – bringing warmth; your many beauties a joyous sight.  You are so perfect a gift – a consuming delight.

Lilies of the fields – your purity provide hearts with healing and love’s understanding; gives us strength and courage to face our worse fears and hurts on earth, until our rebirth from a life demanding.

Azaleas are the gift of the feminine; of softness to womanhood so beautiful – the harvest of abundant love, its many colors that shower joy from a lady-love so coy; dazzles our senses with visuals of rainbows to enjoy.

I think much about love, you see: so Carnations and Chrysanthemum Reds flood my heart and soul with much glee.  Although Chrysanthemums were first only golden to the eye – some new colors reflect devotion and sorrows; they show life choices that came with new tomorrows.

Orchids, delicate beautiful orchids, you bloom so well.  A bouquet of your lusciousness as a gift; sends wishes of love, wealth and attractions from afar – and hopes with high hope that you return in kind, the sentiments it brings to mind.

Time:  short time, deep time – both allow joy to flow from flowers beautiful to know.  Gardenia are gorgeous as many like me appreciate. But I am most smitten by a spectacular rambunctious flower that compels your eyes to gaze upon its space. I praise the magnificent Bird of Paradise and offer my hearty toast the most to you; no other presents itself with such derring-do – proclaiming: take me as I am, but showcase me with special grace that honors my flamboyant view.

Copyright (c) 2015.  Roads, Paths & Trails.  All Rights Reserved.


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