This weekend, think about the wonder of seeing new people, places and things.

Look around you today. Think about what you want to do and see. Gather your wits about you; then head off to somewhere you’ve been wanting to be.  Was that museum near here, or over there – drat, I can’t remember.  Oh, well – maybe I’ll amble on over to the pier, sit, and think about this coming September.

If you had your druthers, and it wasn’t any trouble; who would you most like to meet this Sunday: someone to discuss worldly things?  Maybe sing the praise of bygone days?  Raise the rafters with laughter?  Honor the ways of winter?  Muse over a love that was oh so tender?

I used to have a thing about things.  How they got their name. From whence they came; what gave them fame? Places were much the same, in my game of going to see what it was that they claimed. So this weekend, if your philosophy is one of taking people, places and things for granted; then maybe it’s time for you to unlock your wondrous spirit and set it free from that case of granite.

“If we’re growing, we are always going to be out of our comfort zone” ——John Maxwell, American Author and Motivational Speaker.

Copyright (c) 2015.  Roads, Paths & Trails – “Weekends, Wisdoms & Wonders – #4” (June 5, 2015). All Rights Reserved.


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