That’s my style.  Fits me to a T.  Boosts my “joy to the world” since I am on top of my game when I look so damned “nines.”  Makes me feel that the dreams in my head can be mine.  Blue is my crew; buttoned-down shirt with splash-wild tie; my-oh-my.  My woman loves me the minute I am completely fashion-plated. “Go get ’em, King Lion.” And don’t sweat the small stuff.”  Makes me roar with delight; at night.

Grey, gray boots; high tops past ankles bold, those size 12 pound the concrete, dig and hold.  My string is narrow today; maybe wide tomorrow; but colors, patterns dazzle even my eyes…Lordy, I am a sight to behold.  They, who am I kidding; I broke the mold.  Boss man and his minions appreciate the look; the feel; they squeal in silence from the rank,  because how you look means you are ready to “make bank.”

Yes, I’ll take one in pin-stripe grey, a Banker’s blue, will do too. How do I feel about Corporate black..put it back.  I work in the sunshine, my brother; I can not look tacky, that would be whacked. Movado on my wrist; belt of smooth leather crowned a with a buckle from Manhattan Boulevard. That about does it me; I am put together now, in all my glory-be. So stand aside, try and keep stride; there’s plenty of my sunshine to share for free.

Copyright (c) 2015. Roads, Paths, & Trails.  All rights reserved.


4 thoughts on “A 3-piece suit with a double-vent, with boots made for walking is my heaven-sent.

    1. Ad Dawg Post author

      In a modified version, yes. Thank you for your visit and nice, nice comment. The words were singing in my head as I wrote it…so great you picked up on the vibes.

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      1. Ad Dawg Post author

        I never used to “rhyme” my poems; but somethings just lend themselves to it. Creates energy on the page, I think. Thanks for visiting and the follow.

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