Judgement’s Way

You thought without thinking, you really meant no harm – mouthing some words that seem to have charm. Never, no never did time and distance offer a different yarn; your mind just reacted with the familiar – damn, oh, darn.

Try as you may, there does not seem a way to save the day. Though, not a day rolls away that I haven’t prone to pray, that perhaps today is when the bleak, dreary clouds fall away; it’s all I can do, it’s all I can say.

Somewhere in our world, a greeting is not the same for you and I; it might mean goodbye, come again, or just plain, “hi.” How does one know what is right and wrong to a different eye. this is why they say, “look before you leap” without thinking why.

A grave harm is done when you poke at a dream; not knowing what it means – no heartless song were you trying to sing. It was just a time old “saying” of softly noting a cautious thing. Still, life’s long way of growing should have halted the sting.

One can wail and wail to be atoned; beat on stone, pound one’s heart with an god-awful groan; torment, ferment, repent if your mind found the right song. It’s really true as they say, “sticks and stones will break a bone,” but I am here to say – being unforgiving is a hurt to bemoan.

Copyright (c) 2015. Roads, Paths, & Trails. All rights reserved.


4 thoughts on “Judgement’s Way

  1. afairymind

    I’ve always believed that holding grudges and refusing to forgive does more harm to you than the other person, especially when any insult was unintentional. One of the first things I found when I started blogging was how careful I had to be making jokes in comments – English humour is not always recognised by people from other countries! By the way, I’m still at work and really shouldn’t be on the blog right now… 🙂


    1. ad dawg

      Your reply means a great deal, no, it is a really big deal to me. Sorry for the interruption. I will leave you to your work.Thank you so very much for your insight. I promise you from this day forward, I will “think before I ink.”

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