Join the challenge – the 28-Day Palm Oil Challenge!

This is a good thing to do, good people

Friends Among the Palms

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If you’re considering embarking on a palm oil-free lifestyle or just want to be more educated about palm oil in general and where it’s lurking in your house, SayNoToPalmOil has a really cool project called the 28-Day Palm Oil Challenge that you can sign up for here. The premise is simple – starting May 4th, you’ll receive access to a portal with tons of free video tutorials and resources to, in the words of Say No to Palm Oil, “live a more holistically sustainable lifestyle, with particular focus on the reduction of conflict palm oil consumption.”

What doesn’t sound good about that?? I know I’m looking forward to learning more, and I’m excited that this looks like it will be presented in a really accessible format and so hopefully will reach people who maybe would have otherwise thought that research into the many-faceted world of palm…

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