Mirror, Mirror

You were little, and then you were not – my baby boy; missed you a lot.  In between our minds, next we knew it was teen-time; lost time and more blindness; leaving hurt all around.  Love swirling – never ending, never bending; came without bounds…taking root, no longer at the foot, rising tall – can’t understand about the fall.  Stepping it off – make the most of grace and all.

Man, man -truly grand to see me in you.  By the hour the power of children creating time lines and mine kinds; just like you when you were me all over again. And so it begins to dawn that the best – always the best, that’s true – was given to you.

Copyright (c) Frank Doughton and Roads, Paths, & Trails.  2015


2 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror

  1. Daleen

    This moved me so much. I lost my eldest son but still have my youngest, and although I miss seeing one of them grow, it always amazes me to watch how fast it happens in the youngest. I loved how this expressed so many things, but the love of a parent for his child ties it all together. Really lovely



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