A “Spring Forward” Interlude

To those of you who have visited my blog and graciously commented favorably about some of my posts, know that I am very appreciative.  Likewise for those who took a look and kept going. no offense is taken.  Perhaps, however, on a day when you’re bored beyond belief, you might give me a second look. There might be something new that speaks to you.

The first day of Spring is a special time for me. Which is why I am posting this piece today.  I want to speak about future blogs I will be sharing in the days, weeks and  months ahead.  In “Can I get a little help here?” and “The Lunch Counter and the Music Man,”  I used fictitious names when noting a specific person important to the story because they are still alive. Or, it is in the realm of possiblities that they are.  In the case of “The Lunch Counter……et al,”  I want you to know that I love fish.  But I don’t relish the thought of permanently swimming with them. Chicago is known for its river (that famously flows backward and turns green once a year).  And Lake Michigan is huge. And deep. Capiche?

The point being is that stories based on facts, personal encounters, and some historical situations will be a part of a great many of my postings.  As the saying goes, “the names have changed to protect the innocent.”  In some cases the guilty.  Plus, I don’t want to lose my shirt. This will especially be the case for some “Mad Men” stories I really want to share. Life’s Roads, Paths and Trails (a shameless plug) allowed me to cross paths (yikes) with some folk considered “high and mighty” as well as those toiling in “ordinary pain” – thank you Stevie Wonder.

In the next week or so, a piece entitled “Under two Rainbows”  (then again I’ve been toying with a second title: “The Sunny Side of the Street”) will await your scrutiny. You will get a ‘personal” back story regarding a location making headlines that has been roiling the nation – even resonating  in many parts of the world.  The sequel to that blog with be titled, “Nine before the Storm.”  At this point, all I can say is,  “pen don’t fail me now!”

It’s the first day of Spring everyone.  A time for cleansing, renewal, shedding of the old and cold, and making the most of upcoming possibilities.  Roads, Paths, and Trails await you.


2 thoughts on “A “Spring Forward” Interlude

  1. afairymind

    I look forward to reading your posts – though I apologize in advance if it takes me some time to find my way over here! There aren’t enough hours in the day to get around all the blogs I like to see!


  2. Ad Dawg Post author

    No worries. I can feel your anquish about not enough hours to “blog crawl.” I totally get it. Appreciate your interest and kind words. Thanks so much. See how long it took from me to respond….LOL



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