“A man without a family is alone with the cold”

Someone else said this; it was a truth to be told.  So I give that person their due – I never thought words so bold.  Family should be a love place – belonging – a need so very old.  It is a story that can hurt when it comes from a weak soul.

There is a rhythm to a family’s life; though some suffer from strife.  Ups and downs and arounds bend those twists and turns life a knife. To many families and its man turn away from the fold – rushing , running from something that’s hard to behold.

Some say a child completes the man’s self and starts the family.  Others see this new life from a man as a call to calamity.  Either way, it is a fact families nourish, cherish, shape and mold; sometimes mighty things flourish from them like gold.

The story of man and family will forever run in ways toward forward; but it can’t be lived without those bumps and lumps and humps. Yet, by the grace of living life trying to make a family whole; it’s no wonder that sometimes a man lives his life alone with cold.


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