Late Night, Last Night

It will morning in America tomorrow, bright and dark blinding to my sight  Barn doors will creak and clang, as the sun rises to beat back the fright

Over so far away by the truck stop across the track, hearts pounding- minds foaming working the night.  Mothers in the countryside drowning in right. Mothers in the city grieving at sunlight

Big time Big Times sucking from the blood-soaked pipe, All over everywhere mouths open only to drown down tight. Living with the feeling that your head could not deal with the slack, Knowing somehow nothing could hold back the fear coming back

It was night last week when the hold on my heart broke down. The park was all sunburned and the trees bent all around.  That’s when I knew for fact that you could not mend the past; you just had to let the eagle swoop down – time to show some class.

Because when it’s morning in America tommorow nothing will last.


3 thoughts on “Late Night, Last Night

  1. Daleen

    Wow! I am literally speechless. Okay, maybe all I can say is that I felt the despondency and emotion in that one as if it were my own


  2. afairymind

    A powerfully emotional piece of writing. You use some wonderful imagery – I particularly like the line ‘big time Big Time , sucking from the blood-soaked pipe’. 🙂


  3. Ad Dawg Post author

    Thanks, thanks. I was worried about that specific line…but it felt right. I was hoping it would resonate. You are most kind. I think I will just write for you….(:))



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