I must say, the world of blogging is nothing like I imagined.  It rivals the Universe in its diversity: interests, opinions, causes, musings, persons – every conceiveable human nook and cranny devoted to our “being here.” These past several days and the “blogging 101” assignments have forced me to take a step back and truly revamp my Day One introductory post.

I thought I would begin anew by explaining my Blog title and tagline.

Webster defines “road” as “….a way made for traveling.”  Most of us can recite the “journey begins with a single step” axiom.  Webster, bless its soul, notes that a “path”  is “…a way worn by footsteps.” And a “trail” is “…to follow the tracks.”

My tagline may seem flippant, maybe cutesy, but it’s not meant to be. In my mind, Roads, Paths, and Trails have led all of us to “somewhere” by “one way or the other.”  I now realize that I want to share my journey of where I’ve been led, and where I might end up in the near future.  My posts will be commentary based on true events (I can’t stress enough the word “true.”) You can expect hightly personal opinions that may evoke responses I may or may not embrace.  Heck!  I fully expect to be ripped to shreds at times. But I really will cherish the feedback.

As I noted in my original “Taking that proverbial first step” introductory post, you can expect an emphasis on my experience as a “Mad Man.”  Although, you will learn about those of us who toiled in the anonimty of invisibility.  Some of my Roads, Paths, and Trails blogs might prove enlightening. Others, hopefully, will touch you with its basic humanity.  There will be some historical and cultural musings (again, based on facts).  I haven’t decided on how much to share the impact of some of the heartaches and tribulations my Roads, Paths, and Trails imposed upon me.  Stay tuned.

Overall, my blog will be my way of letting the world know that I lived, loved, traveled my Roads, Paths, and Trails with all of its ruts, dead ends, curves, full-out-barreling straightaways; through hell and highwater, the good, bad, and especially the ugly, to the final destination.

Finally, if I can blog-post monthly, that would be an accomplishment I would never had expected to achieve.  The crowning glory would be someone saying, “I understand some of this guy’s travels.  Let’s see where he’s headed next.”


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