Taking that proverbial first step.

In the spirit of Groundhog Day:

World, Adman4u here –

I was told that the first order of business is to introduce myself.  By profession, my background is (in order), advertising, broadcastings, newspapers, marketing, promotions and sales.  However, I am – I hope – a bit more than my work experiences.  Although, much of what I want to Blog about will touch some aspects of these areas.

In a future post, I am going to describe a personal encounter and its importance at a bookstore some months ago.  I am an avid mystery, thriller, suspense novel reader.  And I do mean “avid!”  As many as 100-plus titles per year encounter my eyeballs.  It was in my favorite independent bookseller that the story unfolds. In my mind, it reflects perfectly my Blog theme.  ( I know, the suspense is killing you already and I’d better deliver. Just give me time to get my bearings.)

From some of the other “getting to know me” introductions i read,  I know I am about to experience learning on a vast new scale.  I am hoping, as has been said by the Happiness Engineers, that I can expect help along the way.  I will need it.

“Here’s goes nothing!”  (Samuel L. Jackson in Jurassic Park)

I’m a big movie fan, too!  Sci-Fi is my preference.

“Live long and prosper.”  RIP Mr. Spock


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